Our modern world is one of laws and regulations that can be extremely confusing. The complexity of the law is why it is so important to have a capable lawyer who can represent you in court.


A single field (immigration law, worker’s compensation, etc) will likely have thousands and thousands of different laws unique to it. This is why many lawyers specialize. By going to a good law firm, you will be able to find lawyers from a number of different backgrounds who can give you the advice you need to have your day in court.


For those who’ve been injured while on the job, a worker’s compensation lawyer may be more helpful. Such a lawyer can prove the debilitating nature of your injury, and show why you deserve financial recompense.


A bankruptcy lawyer can also be helpful, particularly in today’s economic climate. He or she can help you in the declaration process, and prevent you from losing even more money. An immigration lawyer is also very important, so as to ensure that undeclared immigrants get the fair treatment that they deserve.

The criminal defense lawyer or felony lawyer is perhaps the most iconic kind of lawyer, often portrayed in popular culture. In the real world, people will need the services of such a lawyer to get a fair trial. Crime is not a simple matter of right and wrong; there are many different issues and extenuating circumstances that can play a big part in your case. At Margoles and Margoles Attorneys at Law our lawyers specialize in DUI and murder cases, when it comes to life changing cases like these, it is important to hire an attorney with experience.


Individuals in Saint Paul, MN, who are looking for a firm that can handle many different kinds of cases, should contact Margoles and Margoles Attorneys at Law.